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Marcel Florestal is the principal and the founding member of the Florestal Law Firm, PLLC. He practices tax, trust and estates, and civil rights litigation, and has over 20 years of combined professional experience as an attorney and CPA. In addition to the above areas of law, Mr. Florestal practices business, contract, nonprofit, elder and guardianship laws.


Mr. Florestal is a graduate of Brooklyn College and Fordham University School of Law, and is admitted to the Bar of the State of New York, United States Tax Court, and the United States Eastern and Southern District Courts.


Mr. Florestal’s unique combination of legal and tax skills have been a strong asset to many of his clients. These skills have been tested in handling many high profile clients's cases including United States Eastern District Court Judge Sterling Johnson; the Reverend Al Sharpton; National Basketball Association players Ricky Davis (Miami Heat), and Kenny Thomas (Sacramento Kings); National Football League players Leonard Marshall (NY Giants) and Corey Louchiey (Buffalo Bills); Major League Baseball CFO Jonathan Mariner; and various others helping them to attain the correct resolution for their case.

Much of Mr. Florestal’s strengths come from his community service experience. He is currently the general counsel to the One Hundred Black Men of New York, Inc., a District Leader in Westchester County, a member of Hispanic Democrats of Westchester County, and Black Democrats of Westchester County, where he supports judges, elected officials, and political aspirants running for public office.


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