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Bankruptcy can impact clients on a very personal level.  The attorneys at FLF understand the stress that our clients may be experiencing due to overwhelming debt that they cannot pay.  We fight for our clients and strive to obtain a favorable, efficient and fair outcome to get them out from under the crushing pressure of unmanageable debt and get them back on track with their financial goals.  We work one on one with our clients to help them achieve the goals that matter to them.  We help to dispel the fear, misconception and stigma associated with filing for bankruptcy and help our clients get a fresh start.   


We also provide our clients with a wide range of bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy alternatives to debt resolution.  Our clients rely on us for sophisticated and novel representation in bankruptcy cases.


Whether our clients are an existing business, starting a new business or forming a joint venture, we will help them navigate through this intricate process.  We also advise our clients on how to buy or sell a small business and help them maintain and protect their competitive advantage by drafting the proper contractual agreements and representing them in a court of law if necessary.

​We counsel entrepreneurs on the advantages and disadvantages of selecting the appropriate entity type including C Corporations, S Corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Partnerships, and Joint Ventures, and thereafter, with drafting the proper agreements such as shareholders agreements and operating agreements.

We represent businesses and individuals in commercial matters, including breach of contract, unlawful or tortious interference with contractual rights, breach of fiduciary duties, fraud, criminal conduct, employment agreements, hiring and firing employees, and discrimination claims.


We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ Civil Rights.  At FLF we believe that Civil Rights are human rights afforded to us all under our constitution and should be doggedly protected.  Whether you are a whistleblower or have been treated unfairly in terms of hiring, promotion, discipline, or termination on the job, or experienced discrimination because of your race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, disability, religion, or any other protected category recognized by the law we have the ability to defend you. 


Your children are no less susceptible to violation of their rights.  We will defend your children’s rights that have been violated by a public, private, or charter school.  All children have the right to an appropriate education and to attend a school that is safe and free from bullying, harassment, and physical violence.  Also, your child's school must evaluate and accommodate his, or her, disability.  We are equally dedicated to protecting your children’s rights under the law. 


The area of debt collection, which unfortunately touches many of us at one point or another, is one of the most abused areas of the law by debt collection companies who capitalize on the fact that many people do not know their rights and what is considered abusive collection practices.  We represent clients who are victimized by abusive debt collectors or those who would engage in false, deceptive and misleading business practices.  We encourage our clients to not overlook some of the basic protections such as to keep a record of who contacts them and the time, to request verification of the debt’s legitimacy, to verify the alleged amount owed, to request that the caller stop making harassing calls, and to communicate in writing.  We leverage the full arsenal of state and federal resources to wage battle against illegal debt collection practices on our clients’ behalf and help them turn the tables on the debt collectors.


Our clients deserve to be treated fairly and debt collectors are bound by restrictions imposed on them by the law in their effort to collect a debt that is in default.  We are dedicated to making sure that our clients’ rights are protected. 


We appreciate our clients’ sensitivity to Estate Planning and take them through the process step-by-step.  Asset transfer and wealth preservation are not simple matters of statutory law.  In planning one’s estate, we take into account the human element involved, while making sure that our clients and their families reap the fruits of their hard labor.  Ours is a full service estate planning and probate process which includes drafting wills and trusts, living wills, healthcare proxies, durable powers of attorney, pre/post nuptial agreements, estate planning and gifting strategies for large and small estates, gift and estate tax filings, probate and administration proceedings and litigation. 


As our population continues to live longer lives fulfilling the physical and health needs of this population is a national priority. This increasingly older population often times is no longer able to care for itself and need assistance.  We work with relatives’ of the elderly to assist them in navigating the process of obtaining the proper guardianship authority that will allow them to make the necessary decisions on behalf of their elderly relative while maintaining the appropriate level of independence for the elderly relative.  


The tax practice area is an essential component of our firm’s transactional practice.  Our tax division is committed to providing our business and individual clients with quality service.  We offer clients year round planning and counseling services to meet their needs.  We assist our domestic and international clients in navigating the labyrinth tax laws of the United States.  Clients with offshore interests are at an increasing risk of being exposed to tax liability and prosecution due to the ever changing climate of our tax system.  We advise our clients on the best course of action.

As part of our tax practice, our non-profit division draws upon an extensive tax and legal background to provide an array of services to the non-profit community.  We understand that the task of attaining and maintaining 501(C) status can be taxing.  We assist our clients through every stage of the process.  

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